Honey Bones - ‘Honey Bones EP’ Review


    I seem to be on a roll lately, as I stumbled across another gem by pure chance this evening. If only this luck translated to other places! But I’ll take what I can get, and if that means finding new great music then I won’t complain. This time the band in question goes by the name Honey Bones, which is made up of just 2 members David “Bones” and Ivan “Honey”, and their debut self-titled EP. Upon further investigation I also learned that the two band mates live in two completely different states which makes this already great release even more impressive.

    They classify their genre on their bandcamp as “Dreamy Garage Pop”, which seems fairly accurate. My only argument would be if the quality of the recordings were actually DIY from a ‘garage’…that is one fancy garage. (I, however, may be misinterpreting that part of their genre description) The clearness of the crisp guitars, seemingly live drums, warm synths, and reverberating vocals are done with professional caliber. This EP offers 5 different tracks that vary from a bright sound found on the opening track ‘Dragg’ to a much darker sound on the fourth track ‘Breathefeelbloodbones’, as well as all the other moods in between. Through and through, though, the band manages to keep a distinctive and unique touch to each track that connects them all together which makes a great soundtrack for a quiet summer’s night. It is definitely a style I hope to hear more of in the future. Give it a listen yourself below and download it for free if you enjoy it! I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up on repeat just the way it has for me.


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