This morning I’m trying to wrap my head around Ultramajic, a new label created by Jimmy Edgar and Machinedrum. From what I understand ‘Metaphysix’ is a new series, which will encompass multiple phases. The first phase was announced to day and is called Mentalism consisting of four tracks. The first two tracks are by the producer Aden while the last two tracks were created by Creepy Autograph, and you can stream both of them below. On the ‘Metaphysix’ sound cloud is written, “All is mind and the mind is all,” so that should give you a taste of what to expect. Also written on XLR8R is how Edgar and Pilar Zeta came up with the concept for ‘Metaphysix’ they write, “Reality is based upon thought systems, and this is the core of music and vibration. [For] each chapter of the series, we will give these ideas to the artists for them to interpret in any way they choose.”

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