MDNGHT - ‘Into the Night’ EP Review


    It seems as if the newest trend in music is leaving out all of the vowels in things. Due to this, and the desire to stay relevant, I am proud to announce the changing of our blog’s name to THYSLPWLVE. Catchy, eh? But seriously, all jokes aside. I have nothing against this new trend, I just find it intriguing at times. The latest of my encounters with bands using this idea is Manchester band MDNGHT. They classify themselves as a genre I was unfamiliar with, “live house”, but thanks to the power of the internet I learned that it involves the idea that the music is meant to be played live. This puzzled me at first, as once you hear their sound it seems one that would be hard to recreate in a live setting. However, thanks to the power of the internet again I found a video of them performing on Youtube (below, forgive the cell phone quality) and I must say it’s pretty close.

    Now onto the actual EP itself. It starts off with the title track ‘Into The Night’, which provides a perfect introduction into the ban’s sound and the smoothness of their singer’s voice. His voice blends with their floating space-ish sound, hitting the high notes with ease. Imagine the grace that comes with a talented R&B artist’s voice and then place it into the more futuristic sounds coming from music today, and you’ve got MDNGHT’s sound. The band also shows their diversity range in the third track ‘Way Too Far’, whose sound reminds me of the band Faithless. The finale of the EP, ‘I Will Lead You On’ then seems to take the traits exhibited in the previous tracks and combine them to create a powerful closing track. Don’t take my word for it though, give it a listen below and be the judge for yourself!

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